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Products with high impact in national markets
Sliced dried apples

USD $17.40 - $18.00 Kilogram

Min Order: 3000.0

Leather sneakers

USD $45.45 - $46.00 Unit

Min Order: 600.0

Guayusa energy drink

USD $1.38 - $1.40 Bottle

Min Order: 12000.0

Original and flavored guayusa tea

USD $2.13 - $2.20 Box

Min Order: 2304.0

Whole dehydrated strawberries

USD $22.04 - $22.25 Kilogram

Min Order: 3000.0

Canned Guayusa energy drink

USD $1.78 - $1.85 Bottle

Min Order: 4000.0

Men's leather shoe

USD $41.10 - $41.50 Unit

Min Order: 600.0

Men's leather boots

USD $51.90 - $52.00 Unit

Min Order: 600.0


Products with high demand in national markets
Dehydrated coconut in strips

USD $13.14 - $14.00 Kilogram

Min Order: 3000.0

Bulk cassava chips

USD $4.40 - $4.42 Kilogram

Min Order: 1000.0

Ground guayusa leaves

USD $12.00 - $12.50 Kilogram

Min Order: 750.0

Fresh cassava

USD $10.00 - $20.00 Carton

Min Order: 1.0

Guayusa energy drink (shot)

USD $1.30 - $1.35 Bottle

Min Order: 50000.0

Cassava chips

USD $0.55 - $0.60 Pack

Min Order: 500.0


Find out information of interest about the commerce in Ecuador
Fromozz positions itself as an efficient business partner
by FromOzz  |  03/04/2021

Ichiban, the main salmon importer for large Ecuadorian food chains, asked Fromozz to lead the negotiation with Aqualink as its salmon supplier from Chile, successfully achieving the satisfaction of the parties.
The taste of Andean blackberries inspired this wine
by Revista Líderes  |  09/04/2021

The intense flavor and aroma of the Andean blackberries inspired Killary, a dry, red wine that is characterized by its fruity aroma and balance in acidity. They choose organic fruits grown by families from the rural parishes of Riobamba.
Novel concept for a healthy snack
by Revista Líderes  |  13/04/2021

Ranger Pops is a Guayaquil brand of air-popped canguil sandwich. The initial objective was to create a concept that contributes to education. It encompasses three experiences: flavor with nutritional value, packaging and stories.
Mentors power this beverage business
by Revista Líderes  |  23/04/2021

Capital Vodka is the brand name owned by the Barra Libre company. The objective of the venture is to make a quality drink by applying engineering knowledge in production processes.


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