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Products with high impact in national markets

USD $10.00 - $15.00 Carton

Min Order: 1080 cajas

100%, 65% and coffee dark chocolate bars

USD $40.50 - $42.30 Pack

Min Order: 4

Sugar Free Jam

USD $0.69 - $0.82 Unit

Min Order: 1531

Cacao CCN51

USD $2,621.56 - $2,850.00 Tonne

Min Order: 1

Peeled and Deveined Frozen Shrimp - 41/50

USD $2.40 - $2.99 Pound

Min Order: 50000

Crispy Baked Red Dragon Fruit Chips

USD $0.65 - $1.09 Bag

Min Order: 5000

Panela Cristalizada

USD $1.55 - $2.10 Kilogram

Min Order: 1000

TUNAZUL Tuna in loins 170 gr

USD $33.00 - $38.00 Carton

Min Order: 1000


Products with high demand in national markets
Almond drink with quinoa

USD $0.92 - $1.00 Unit

Min Order: 2700

Yellow Dragon Fruit

USD $12.00 - $13.00 Carton

Min Order: 336

Rosas Preservadas

USD $1.75 - $7.00 Unit

Min Order: 10001


USD $1.50 - $2.10 Kilogram

Min Order: 704

Quinoa with Tomato and Basil - Urcohuasi Farms

USD $2.10 - $2.50 Piece

Min Order: 1

Instant soup

USD $73.14 - $75.50 Carton

Min Order: 12

Quinoa Choco Pops

USD $13.34 - $14.99 Carton

Min Order: 60

Liquid soap

USD $1.95 - $2.50 Unit

Min Order: 540


Find out information of interest about the commerce in Ecuador
Fairs and Events
PayPal and Fromozz work together to improve the e-commerce experience
by FromOzz  |  05/12/2020

Fromozz is consolidated as the best alternative in negotiations for foreign trade. Through an alliance with PayPal, it guarantees safe and fast online payment methods for all transactions within the platform
Farmers bet on a new variety of barley
by Revista Líderes  |  10/12/2020

A new variety of barley attracted the attention of 1,922 farmers from Pichincha, Cotopaxi, Tungurahua and Bolívar. The goal is to develop a new variety of malting barley that could be used in beer making.
Rural business chains to make agriculture profitable
by Revista Líderes  |  11/12/2020

This project demonstrates the opportunities offered by having an anchor company committed to working with small producers, ensuring a stable market, promoting a State policy to promote the development of the agricultural sector.
Technology and challenges for regional food security
by Revista Líderes  |  17/12/2020

These tools are a means to achieve the digital agricultural revolution, within the ecosystem the main actors are the producers, who must be able to use these technologies and achieve their economic, social and environmental objectives.


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